Go Make Your Bed

This morning after family cuddles and shadow puppets in mommy and daddy’s bed I call out, “Whoever wants an easy sticker, go make your bed!”

We have a sticker system in our household where each sticker is exchanged for a quarter on payday (usually Friday). This actually serves a three-fold purpose:

  1. We use it as incentive for the kids to do what we want. “Three stickers if you are ready for bed before 7pm!”
  2. The kids use it for self motivation. They find things to do around the house and ask for stickers. “Daddy, if I clean the room can I have a sticker?”
  3. A third unintended consequence of this system is the kids’ learning how to negotiate. Our kids are naturally empowered to stand up for themselves and for what they want.

We’ve only started giving out stickers for making beds a couple of months ago and they’re already getting to a point where the reaction time is getting shorter and shorter when I ask.

It didn’t take much. I actually have to give lots of credit to Shelly for being a great example of making our bed. The kids see that every morning and, as I say in my train the trainer courses, “the best teaching method is monkey see monkey do.” I don’t ever remember teaching Zachary how to make a bed, but he knows how to do it.

The Boys Making Beds


Zachary’s Bed


Here is the clip that inspired this teaching opportunity:

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