Church without Kids

This past weekend I DJ’d a friend’s wedding in Wisconsin where it was -16C. After a red eye flight on Friday and a very long Saturday, I woke up Sunday morning exhausted. With blood shot eyes I got ready to go to church, tired but happy.

I went to mass at the closest church and I purposefully sat in front of a family with three kids to properly enjoy the worship experience…

What would heaven be like without kids? After having three children who have trouble sitting still, it is easy to imagine why Jesus had to tell the adults to let the children come to him.

There is an odd beauty in seeing and hearing God through a barrage of noise. Like finding a flower no bigger than your pinky nail in the middle of a desert, which I actually experienced while hiking the PCT with my friend Jimmy.

We are people… people are messy and amidst that mess there is love. It is a skill and an art to be able to do that. To feel the peace amidst the noise. And when you know how to do that, you can have heaven on earth wherever you are.

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